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For many years I have observed and admired Darlene’s work in our community in a variety of grassroots organizations and initiatives. Then in September of 2019, I had the opportunity to sit next to her during a very long bus trip, with a large group of other Evanstonians, as we traveled to Montgomery and Selma Alabama to tour the Legacy Museum and the Memorial for Peace and Justice. During those hours I learned more about Darlene, the woman and of her sincere and heartfelt commitment to advocating for progressive policies that will foster social, economic, racial and environmental justice for all people in Evanston. Darlene is an emerging leader in our community who will bring new vision, ideas, energy and commitment to the role she now aspires to serve in as the Alderwoman of the Second Ward of Evanston.

--Dickelle Fonda

I support Darlene Cannon for Alderwoman of 2nd Ward. I've been friends with Darlene for the past 34 years. It's been an honor to watch Darlene take action in the community, inspiring us all to seek ways to advocate and create equity. The fight for social change is long and tiring, and for this and so many other reasons, I admire her strength, courage, and leadership skills. She will make a great alderwoman, because she will provide the sort of relief so many of us require in this moment. 

--Carla Eason


I want to support someone who prioritizes the most vulnerable members of the ward and community, and I believe Darlene is the best candidate to do that.

--Sarah Abu-Absi

I support Darlene Cannon for the 2nd Ward because she is the absolute best choice. The understands first hand the problems the town is facing. She has been a resident and a loyal servant in the community for a long time and knows exactly what needs to be done so that Evanston a better place for its residents. I wholeheartedly believe she will work diligently and make the right decisions to improve the community. Darlene is a voice for those that aren’t being heard and the community desperately needs someone like her with a clear vision, compassion and most importantly dedication to the people of Evanston.

--Amela G.

I have known Darlene Cannon for years and am delighted that she is running for alderman in Evanston. I am impressed with Darlene's steadfast courage to speak out for services and rights of Evanston citizens, particularly for residents in her 2nd Ward. Darlene definitely believes in "liberty and justice for all." Darlene has a keen mind for financial matters and will not hesitate as alderman to request information needed to attain the best financial investments and plans for the City of Evanston and its taxpayers. A vote for Darlene is a vote for a better Evanston.
--Peggy Tarr

Darlene shows a grassroots experience and dedication to the residents of Ward 2.

--Susan Ani

_____ Letter of Support

You, as the Mayor of the City of Evanston, have an opportunity to appoint a formidable individual to serve out the remainder of Peter Braithwaite's term as Alderperson of the Second Ward. Her name is Darlene Cannon, and now that you have met her, we hope you understand why it is so important to appoint her. 


Evanston needs a council member who is committed to equity, transparency and accountability, but this means more than just saying the right words. It means willingness to maintain active communication with people in the ward and to hold regular meetings with them. It means being knowledgeable about the problems and issues that confront residents. It means being willing to raise what might be uncomfortable questions and taking a stand when colleagues might be counseling acquiescence. It means putting in the hours to keep track of various staff proposals. It means dialoguing with council colleagues and looking for solutions that can win a consensus, rather than harden differences.


This is what Darlene Cannon has already done for the Second Ward as an community advocate and what she shall do as a member of the Council. No other candidate does it better because no other candidate has her record of grass roots community involvement. She is a board member of the Equity and Empowerment Commission, the Citizens Network of Protection and the Democratic Party of Evanston. In the previous election against the two-term incumbent she came close to winning – in part because she was out knocking on doors and talking to residents. Darlene is willing to undertake this challenge. We hope you will take up her offer to be a vigorous and conscientious representative of the residents of the 2nd ward and of all the people of Evanston.

- Bennett Johnson is a longtime activist and resident of Evanston, one of the leaders in the struggle to integrate the community’s public schools in the 1960s.  He marched with MLK and campaigned for Harold Washington, and for many years published the Sentinel, a local paper which highlighted news in Evanston’s Black community.  He is a former president of the Evanston NAACP chapter.


- Elliot Zashin is a longtime Evanston resident; he taught public management at the Kellogg School at Northwestern and political science at UIC

_____ Letter of Support

Dear Mayor Biss,

As the former principal of Lincolnwood, who led the school through the early days of the pandemic, I would like to endorse Darlene Murray-Cannon and ask you to seat her in her bid for 2nd Ward Alderperson.

I met Darlene as she sought out families who would benefit from healthy, delicious food in the middle of the chaos and concerns around food chain challenges. While, as a professional community, we were scrambling to pull together resources for families, Darlene's intentions and outreach were direct and purely about serving the children and families. At the time of the quarantine period, Lincolnwood Elementary had the largest number of McKinley-Vento (homeless) families. As a school community, we received no Title money from the school district. Historically, before the PEP fund came to be, direct funds for our McKinney-Vento families were not made available either. Darlene understood this little recognized reality and included our families in her outreach efforts.

As I reflect on those challenging times, I can think of no one else in the community - beyond the immediate Lincolnwood Elementary parent/guardian network - reaching out with resources as Darlene did.

It has become a cliche for a reason: everyone saw each other's true colors during the crisis we all endured. While some in the community withdrew and tended to other matters, Darlene's outreach was broad, and I genuinely believe it speaks to her true character.

During this time of challenges in stability, consistency, continuity, and safety (at least four gunshot/gun victims in and around the 2nd ward this summer alone), Darlene Murray-Cannon's true character is the leadership we need. While I live with my family in the 4th ward, I see the wards as connected. I support Darlene's vision and ability to collaborate in meaningful ways for her constituents and all Evanstonians.


Thank you for your time,


Max Weinberg

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